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Class InfoCenter

 This class is to control what information an avatar can get from another person or object
in the game. It is possible to add rules to all information to make sure that only the ones
that are suppose to get the information can.  it's also possible to  add changer that can be
error effects for slightly incorrect responds or to allow one avatar to give false information
to another.

Instance Methods
__init__(self, game=None)
addInfo(self, tag, value=None)
addCat(self, category, defVal=False)
remCat(self, category)
addValue(self, value, tag, cat='All')
remValue(self, value, tag, cat='All')
addRule(self, rule, tag, cat='All')
remRule(self, rule, tag, cat='All')
ask(self, tag, asker, owner, avatarAsking=True)
isSame(self, key, asker)
canSee(self, viewer, other)
distanceBetween(self, avatar1, avatar2, dist)
loadFile(self, path)