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Class ReactiveHuman

This class defines a reactive human agent as a social territorial mind which controls a human like body with head and eyes rotation.

A ReactiveHuman can navigate a dynamic environment reaching a destination while avoiding obstacles; can gaze and glance at given targets; can be in a conversation maintaining a proper position and orientation.

Nested Classes

Inherited from ReactiveMind.ReactiveMind: Motivation

Instance Methods

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    Behavior Interfaces

Inherited from ReactiveLibrary.SocialTerritorialMind: doIdleGaze, focusOn, gazeAt, glanceAt, turnHeadToward, turnToward

Inherited from ReactiveLibrary.NavigationalMind: goTo, moveTo

update(self, dt)
Update the agent state.
    Constructor and Destructor
The constructor create an instance of ReactiveHuman and wires up mind's motivations with body's receptors.
Destroy this instance of ReactiveHuman
    Getters and Setters

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Static Methods

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Method Details



The constructor create an instance of ReactiveHuman and wires up mind's motivations with body's receptors.

Overrides: object.__init__



Destroy this instance of ReactiveHuman

Overrides: MotionModel.SimpleHumanBody.remove

update(self, dt)


Update the agent state.

  • dt (float) - Delta time since the simulation step.
Overrides: MotionModel.SimpleHumanBody.update