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Class OnscreenMessage

A general purpose on-screen message with a fade out animation.

Nested Classes

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Instance Methods
Make a text node from string, put it into the 2d sg and set it up with all the indicated parameters.
setMsg(self, text)
Sets the message of the OnscreenMessage.

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Class Variables

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Method Details



Make a text node from string, put it into the 2d sg and set it
up with all the indicated parameters.

The parameters are as follows:

  text: the actual text to display.  This may be omitted and
      specified later via setText() if you don't have it
      available, but it is better to specify it up front.

  style: one of the pre-canned style parameters defined at the
      head of this file.  This sets up the default values for
      many of the remaining parameters if they are
      unspecified; however, a parameter may still be specified
      to explicitly set it, overriding the pre-canned style.

  pos: the x, y position of the text on the screen.

  scale: the size of the text.  This may either be a single
      float (and it will usually be a small number like 0.07)
      or it may be a 2-tuple of floats, specifying a different
      x, y scale.

  fg: the (r, g, b, a) foreground color of the text.  This is
      normally a 4-tuple of floats or ints.

  bg: the (r, g, b, a) background color of the text.  If the
      fourth value, a, is nonzero, a card is created to place
      behind the text and set to the given color.

  shadow: the (r, g, b, a) color of the shadow behind the text.
      If the fourth value, a, is nonzero, a little drop shadow
      is created and placed behind the text.

  frame: the (r, g, b, a) color of the frame drawn around the
      text.  If the fourth value, a, is nonzero, a frame is
      created around the text.

  align: one of TextNode.ALeft, TextNode.ARight, or TextNode.ACenter.

  wordwrap: either the width to wordwrap the text at, or None
      to specify no automatic word wrapping.

  drawOrder: the drawing order of this text with respect to
      all other things in the 'fixed' bin within render2d.
      The text will actually use drawOrder through drawOrder +

  decal: if this is True, the text is decalled onto its
      background card.  Useful when the text will be parented
      into the 3-D scene graph.

  font: the font to use for the text.

  parent: the NodePath to parent the text to initially.

  mayChange: pass true if the text or its properties may need
      to be changed at runtime, false if it is static once
      created (which leads to better memory optimization).

Overrides: object.__init__
(inherited documentation)

setMsg(self, text)


Sets the message of the OnscreenMessage.

Arguments: text -- The text to display (type: string).