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Class SayBox

An input-box in the hud for sending text into the system as the selected Avatar.

Instance Methods
__init__(self, player, command, pos=(-2.2, 0, -0.95))
handleNewText(self, dirtyText)
Handle new text.
checkPlayerState(self, task)
Check the state of the player.
Hide the SayBox.
Show the SayBox.
Disable the SayBox.
Enable the SayBox.
setPlayer(self, newPlayer)
Set the player.

Inherited from direct.showbase.DirectObject.DirectObject: accept, acceptOnce, addTask, classTree, detectLeaks, doMethodLater, getAllAccepting, ignore, ignoreAll, isAccepting, isIgnoring, removeAllTasks, removeTask

Method Details

__init__(self, player, command, pos=(-2.2, 0, -0.95))

Overrides: direct.showbase.DirectObject.DirectObject.__init__